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The current Roster

Please follow up-to-date events on our facebook page, and you can also see the rest of this series as it unfolds

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We welcome all who come to us and make Christ known through loving care and companionship

Children & Youth

We have a strong youth component to our congregation

Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

Catering for those most important events in our lives

St Marks School

Founded in 1921 by our early Opawa St. Martins community

Get Involved

Learn about the numerous groups and activities that you can join in at Opawa St. Martins

Halls & Spaces for hire

Calendars and booking details for our halls and spaces

City Mission

Read about our relationship with the City Mission, and how you can help too

Words, words, words

Sermons, the Newsletter, and and Roster.

St. Anne's Sale

What's happening with St. Anne's?


(03) 980 9983

Opawa St Martins Anglican Parish


St. Mark's School
33 Cholmondeley Ave
Christchurch 8023

St. Mark's
101 Opawa Rd,
Christchurch 8023
(under renovation)

Sundays 8am and 10am,
& Wednesdays at 10am.
(Currently suspended due to covid-19)