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July 17, 2011

FAQ: About the first reading in the Eucharist

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The Anglican Church uses the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) which is an international cycle of readings approved for use in a number of traditions including Anglican, Presbyterian, Lutheran and others.

The RCL offers two options for the First Testament (or Old Testament) readings at this time of the year (between Trinity Sunday and Christ the King Sunday): either the Continuous Readings or the Related Readings.
This parish is using the related readings option which means that as we go through a gospel systematically Sunday by Sunday, the First Testament reading is one that is related to it. This is the way the New Testament writers approached the formation of the gospels. As they told each episode of the story of Jesus they saw a passage of the First Testament lying behind it, usually because they saw Jesus fulfilling a particular aspect of prophecy and so on. What is, in fact, taking place is that all human experience is being focused in Christ.

The related readings stand in this tradition and in this way of using the scripture and invite us to see our lives being directed toward Christ and shaped by him. By using these readings we are saying that the life, death and resurrection of Christ stand at the centre of our common life, and that every celebration of the Eucharist is inviting us to enter into the mystery of Christ more deeply.

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