Children’s Church

At Opawa St. Martins we recognise that the children are an important part of our congregation. We provide a program which will help them come to know Jesus. Children begin in the service with their parents or caregivers until called together for Children’s Church. Parents are welcome to go with their child to Children’s Church, or to stay in church with the adults.

Later in the service the children come back to show the congregation what they have been doing and to join in with Holy Communion. A variety of material is used to resource Children’s Church which follows the same readings that adults are hearing. This is to enable families to reflect together on the same teachings.

Please note that we follow the "Keeping them safe policy" policy of the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch.


Children are a part of church

Junior Reader

Children are encouraged to participate in many activities in the parish, including the Sunday worship.

Each week we may have our junior members reading from the bible, carrying the cross, greeting at the door, ringing the bell, or serving at the altar with the vicar.

Every few weeks the musicians group, more than half of which are children, play the music for the 10am service.

Of course, several times a year, various groups of children from St Mark's school join us.

Junior Crucifer
Junior Choir from school
The musicians



SMYLE is our group for youth in school years 7 to 11. We usually meet at the St. Marks church hall on Fridays between 6pm and 8pm.

There are a variety of activities including model kit making and craft activities. There is a simple bible study, games and refreshments.

Mainly Music

Mainly Music

Young children and their mums or caregivers enjoying music, rhyme, rhythm, creative dance and more.

Young children develop skills - co-ordination, fine motor movements, large motor movements, social interaction, appreciation of music and musical styles, and language development. mainly music provides children with a structured learning environment and then a time of free play. mainly music brings adult and child together for a time of safe interaction, and in doing so, teaching adults rhymes and songs that can be used at home to help with cleaning up, colours, counting, and more.

There is an opportunity for parents to network with other parents of young children.Some groups stage additional events to encourage family fun. All groups celebrate Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day - celebrating Mother's Day and Father's Day reminds parents that they are undertaking a very important role as parent. Celebrating Easter and Christmas may bring a new perspective to these calendar events.

In short, mainly music is an opportunity for adults and young children to build memories and spend time together, sharing special time with each other is the aim of mainly music.

Each week, parents and caregivers bring their children for a thirty-minute session of music, rhyme, movement, listening and more. The adults must participate in the session, and in fact, it is vital that they do so, because this encourages the children to enter into the actions and singing. At this session, adults and children are given snacks and refreshments. This allows time for children to enjoy each others company, and to develop social skills. It also allows those adults who don’t have a wide circle of friends to be introduced to others who have young children and they are therefore able to support each other.

For more information please visit the Mainly Music website.

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