What's happening with St. Anne's ?

As a parish we’ve decided that we do not need two church buildings, and that it is more sensible to focus on a single place of worship. The sale of St Anne’s will also allow us to pay for a higher level of strengthening and improvements on our other site at St Mark’s Opawa.

For sale details please see the Collier's real estate page.


So, are you leaving St Martins?

Physically, yes. But spiritually, absolutely not!! St Martins remains part of our parish’s DNA, and part of our prayer life. We’ll still be serving the people of this community, and we’re always open to hearing new ways to do that.

When will St Mark’s Church be repaired?

Soon(ish)! Much of the engineering for the earthquake repairs has already been done, and Chaplin Crooks Architects are currently drawing up plans for some modernising and improvements. Timelines are always tricky, but we hope to see action happening in late 2019/early 2020.

Where are you worshipping?

Now: We’ll stay at St Anne’s for as long as we can, and you’ll all be invited to our farewell party whenever that may be.

Soon: While we’re waiting for repairs to be completed at St Mark’s Church we’ll be meeting at St Mark’s School Hall (33 Cholmondeley Ave).

Later: In 1-2 years we will be worshipping in a beautifully renovated St Mark’s

Can I support the repair of St Mark’s Church?

What a kind offer!

We’ll be seeking donations once we have more clarity around the sale price of St Anne’s and the cost of repair and betterment at St Mark’s. However, donations are always welcome – just contact the Vicar.

(03) 980 9983

Opawa St Martins Anglican Parish


St. Anne's
7 Wilsons Rd,
St Martins,
Christchurch 8022

St. Mark's
101 Opawa Rd,
Christchurch 8023

8am and 10am,
every Sunday morning
(Currently only at St Anne's)